Conjoint analysis software

Comprehensive comparison of conjoint analysis software solutions

Comparison of features

FunctionalityConjoint.lySawtooth SuiteSPSSSurvey AnalyticsSASRSurvey MonkeySurvey GizmoQualtrics
Monte Carlo Markov Chain Hierarchical Bayesian methodsYESYES???YES???
Market share simulationYESYES???YES???
Segmentation of the market into groups by customer preferencesYES????????
Marginal willingess to pay for attributes (MWTP)YES????????
Partwoth utilities for attributes (attribute importance scores)YES????????
Partwoth utilities for levels (relative performance scores)YES????????
Generic experimental designsYESYESYESYES?????
Alternative-specific experimental designsYESYES???????
Export into Excel and PowerPointYES????????
Ability to share with colleaguesYES????????
Export of raw data for additional analysisYES????????
Customer support and consulting servicesYES????????
Ability to buy sample respondents from a panel providerYES????????
Mobile-friendly conjoint analysis survey templatesYES????????
Easy online interfaceYES????????
Overall score100502020020000

Comparison of applications

ApplicationConjoint.lySawtooth SuiteSPSSSurvey AnalyticsSASRSurvey MonkeySurvey GizmoQualtrics
Ready for managers at multi-national companies, start-ups, and SMEsYES????????
Ready for professional market researchersYES????????
Available for students and academicsYES????????
Conjoint analysis for telecommunicationsYES????????
Conjoint analysis for software pricing (SaaS)YES????????
Conjoint analysis for FMCGYES????????
Conjoint analysis for manufacturersYES????????
Conjoint analysis for new productsYES????????
Conjoint analysis for pricingYES????????
Conjoint analysis for feature selectionYES????????
Free version availableFor academics????????
Overall score10000000000